We are offering our best bus rental rates with special discount. The market rates for bus rental, bus hire and bus lease are changing from time to time. This is obvious that bus rental rates will be on the high side in the peak period . Normally, the rates for bus renting go down as the weather gets warmer and warmer. On the other hand bus hiring also has a direct link with the country’s biggest industry, the construction industry, fluctuations. If you are in the UAE and you are looking for bus rental prices you must search in Google . You will get the latest and updated bus rates with a list of bus rental companies. We are one among the most reliable partners for your transportation needs. Dubai RTA is the main source of all types of information .

Bus Rental Rates – Recent Updates

In order to get better rates for your bus rental requirements you must be aware of the recent updates. These are recent changes  in the transportation policies and regulations. The RTA is the most reliable source of information related to transportation. To a big extent , it is not easy for any bus to move freely between the states without permits. The permits issuance take time and lots of documentations that’s why prices for bus rental have increased. Most of the customers are facing issues to find better rates and on time bus hire. To know about our general bus rental rates please, have a look of the following charts.

Bus Rental Fares in Details

Daily Rent (Travelling Another City/ Emirate)
Type Of BusMax SeatsIdeal SeatsLuggageRateMax Hours
Hiace121010 Bags AED60010
Hiace (Hi Roof)151010 Bags AED65010
Coaster302215 BagsAED80010
Rosa342615 BagsAED85010
Luxury Bus373520 BagsAED100010
Luxury Bus505040 Bags AED1,20010
Some Cities / Emirates require special permits and passes
Monthly Rent (Bus Without Driver & Without Fuel)
This offer is only for existing clients or approved clients *
Type Of BusMax SeatsIdeal SeatsRateMax Mileage
Hiace1210 AED3,5006000 KMS
Hiace (Hi Roof)1510 AED4,0005900 KMS
Coaster3022 AED6,5006000 KMS
Rosa3426 AED6,5005800 KMS
Luxury Bus3735AED120006000 KMS
Luxury Bus5050AED160005000 KMS
61 Seater Bus AC6060 AED7,0004900 KMS
67 Seater Bus AC6666 AED7,0005000 KMS
80 Seater Bus AC8070 AED7,0004900 KMS
84 Seater Bus AC8470 AED7,0005000 KMS
60 Seater Bus Non AC6054 AED6,5005000 KMS
67 Seater Bus Non AC6554 AED6,5005000 KMS
80 Seater Bus Non AC8070 AED6,5005000 KMS
84 Seater Bus Non AC8475 AED6,5005000 KMS
Daily rates with driver & Fuel / City Tours
Type Of Bus Max SeatsIdeal SeatsLuggageRateMax Hours
Hiace121010 Bags AED60010
Hiace (Hi Roof)151010 Bags AED65010
Coaster302215 BagsAED85010
Rosa342615 BagsAED85010
Luxury Bus373520 BagsAED100010
Luxury Bus505040 Bags AED1,20010
These buses are given 10 hours basis . More than 10 hours is calculated as Daily rate /10
Two Ways DROP Rates
Provided the trips are inside 10-12 hours
Type Of BusMax Seats/ Ideal SeatsFromTo & BackRate (AED)
Hiace13/10DubaiAbu Dhabi/Alain/Fuj600
Hiace (Hi Roof)15/10DubaiAbu Dhabi/Alain/Fuj650
Coaster30/22DubaiAbu Dhabi/Alain/Fuj800
Rosa34/26DubaiAbu Dhabi/Alain/Fuj850
Luxury Bus37/35DubaiAbu Dhabi/Alain/Fuj1000
Luxury Bus50/50DubaiAbu Dhabi/Alain/Fuj1200
60 Seater Bus AC61/60DubaiAbu Dhabi/Alain/Fuj1200
67 Seater Bus AC67/66DubaiAbu Dhabi/Alain/Fuj1200
Type Of BusMax Seats/ Ideal SeatsFromTo & BackRate (AED)
Hiace (Hi Roof)15/10DubaiShj/AJM/UAQ/RAK700
Luxury Bus37/35DubaiShj/AJM/UAQ/RAK700
Luxury Bus50/50DubaiShj/AJM/UAQ/RAK700
60 Seater Bus AC61/60DubaiShj/AJM/UAQ/RAK700
67 Seater Bus AC67/66DubaiShj/AJM/UAQ/RAK700
ype Of BusMax Seats/ Ideal SeatsFromTo & BackRate (AED)
Hiace13/10SharjahAbu Dhabi/KHOR/Fuj600
Hiace (Hi Roof)15/10SharjahAbu Dhabi/KHOR/Fuj650
Coaster30/22SharjahAbu Dhabi/KHOR/Fuj800
Rosa34/26SharjahAbu Dhabi/KHOR/Fuj850
Luxury Bus37/35SharjahAbu Dhabi/KHOR/Fuj1000
Luxury Bus50/50SharjahAbu Dhabi/KHOR/Fuj1200
60 Seater Bus AC61/60SharjahAbu Dhabi/KHOR/Fuj1200
67 Seater Bus AC67/66SharjahAbu Dhabi/KHOR/Fuj1200
Type Of BusMax Seats/ Ideal SeatsFromTo & BackRate (AED)
Hiace (Hi Roof)15/10SharjahShj/AJM/UAQ/RAK650
Luxury Bus37/35SharjahShj/AJM/UAQ/RAK1000
Luxury Bus50/50SharjahShj/AJM/UAQ/RAK1200
60 Seater Bus AC61/60SharjahShj/AJM/UAQ/RAK1200
67 Seater Bus AC67/66SharjahShj/AJM/UAQ/RAK1200
Type Of BusMax Seats/ Ideal SeatsFromTo & BackRate (AED)
Hiace13/10Abudhabi/AlainDubai/Sharjah/ Ajman/UAQ850
Hiace (Hi Roof)15/10Abudhabi/AlainDubai/Sharjah/ Ajman/UAQ900
Coaster30/22Abudhabi/AlainDubai/Sharjah/ Ajman/UAQ1100
Rosa34/26Abudhabi/AlainDubai/Sharjah/ Ajman/UAQ1200
Luxury Bus37/35Abudhabi/AlainDubai/Sharjah/ Ajman/UAQ1400
Luxury Bus50/50Abudhabi/AlainDubai/Sharjah/ Ajman/UAQ1600
60 Seater Bus AC61/60Abudhabi/AlainDubai/Sharjah/ Ajman/UAQ1600
67 Seater Bus AC67/66Abudhabi/AlainDubai/Sharjah/ Ajman/UAQ1600
ype Of BusMax Seats/ Ideal SeatsFromTo & BackRate (AED)
Hiace (Hi Roof)15/10SharjahFUJ/RAK/DIBBA650
Luxury Bus37/35SharjahFUJ/RAK/DIBBA1200
Luxury Bus50/50SharjahFUJ/RAK/DIBBA1400
60 Seater Bus AC61/60SharjahFUJ/RAK/DIBBA1400
67 Seater Bus AC67/66SharjahFUJ/RAK/DIBBA1400

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